Pinkbox Doughnuts Created a Deidcated Memorial Day Lineup

Pinkbox Doughnuts wants to help consumers make this three-day weekend a little sweeter with the debut of its new Memorial Day lineup.

Available for purchase in-shop from Friday, May 24 through Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, the new Memorial Day lineup is a selection of patriotic and summer-themed treats. There’s an American Tie Dye doughnut that features a red, white, and blue marble design, and an American Flag bar doughnut that’s filled with chocolate whip and topped with a red, white, and blue flag motif. Other options include the pink frosted Watermelon donut, the chocolate buttercream-filled Hot Dawg doughnut, the birthday cake whip-filled It’s Ya Birthday doughnut, and so many more.

Sample the new collection now because the Memorial Day lineup is only available for a limited time.

Memorial Day doughnuts from Pinkbox Doughnuts