Town Square Las Vegas welcomes new additions

Another recent addition that caters to the sweet tooth is Pink Box Doughnuts.

“This is our third location,” said Lance Graulich, who teamed with Robert Armanino to open the doughnut shops. “We were invited by Town Square. We’ve got a fourth one that will open soon.”

Before this venture, Graulich was the mind behind Create, a gourmet hamburger and frozen custard restaurant.

“I’ve known Robert a long time,” said Graulich. “He’s in the food ingredient business. One day, he called me up and said, ‘Create us a doughnut concept,’ and here we are.”

In addition to doughnuts such as raspberry-filled and Bavarian cream, Pink Box Doughnuts sells ones such as Campfire S’mores and Date With a Nutty Pig, which includes dates, almonds, blue cheese, bacon, balsamic glaze and a date/balsamic reduction filling.

“It’s a savory doughnut, and we’re working on more savory doughnuts,” Graulich said. “That and The Fat Elvis were featured on the Cooking Channel.”

The shop sells doughnuts for $1 each individually and gourmet doughnuts for a little more.

“Our prices are incredibly fair,” Graulich said. “A dozen doughnuts are $8.50 or $12.50 for a gourmet dozen.”

He crafts the recipe for each doughnut.

“Some shops just make a bunch of vanilla doughnuts and put different toppings on them,” Graulich said. “Our Orange Blossom Cake doughnut has orange essence in the cake mix. That’s the way we do it here.”

Town Square Las Vegas welcomes new additions