Would You Eat these Poop-shaped Big Game Doughnuts from Pinkbox?

Pinbox Doughnuts in Las Vegas has a new line of Big Game treats. But would you eat the forbidden poop doughnuts?

There are several basic edicts of being a human being, or really, most creatures. And one of the biggest ones is “Don’t eat poop.” Yet that’s exactly what Pinkbox Doughnuts in Las Vegas would like you to do to celebrate the Super Bowl, with their new line of Big Game treats that feature “Pooh” doughnuts with team colors.

To be clear, this is nothing new for the Las Vegas-based treats shop. The poop-emoji-shaped doughnut has been a staple of the shop for years, and this is just the latest iteration. They’re also, to again be clear, not actually poop flavored. They’re regular doughnuts that just happen to look like poop. We’d recommend making a game out of it and whenever, say, the Chiefs score a touchdown, make any 49ers fans at your party eat a Chiefs poop doughnut. But maybe that’s too delicious for them? I don’t know, we can workshop that one.

Anyway, the “Pooh” doughnuts are just part of a whole line of Super Bowl-themed desserts available to tie into the Big Game. Here’s the first list, per a rep for Pinkbox:

  • 50 Yard Line – Green frosted raised bar filled with white whip and topped with 50-yard line décor
  • Game Ball – Maple frosted raised football topped with football décor
  • #1 Fan – Glazed raised doughnut in the shape of a #1 finger
  • Chiefs Pooh – Vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream, covered in (team color) frosting with (team name) décor and a big game flag
  • 49ers Pooh – Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream, covered in (team color) frosting with (team name) décor

The doughnuts are currently available for pre-sale at Pinkbox in Vegas until February 8, 2024. After that, they’ll be in shops from February 9 through February 11 (aka, game day). After that, if you happen to have snagged a ticket to the Super Bowl in Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, you can also pick up the doughnuts at the Pinkbox Doughnut kiosk in Section 128, at least as long as supplies last.

So: will you be partaking of the forbidden doughnut?

Big Game doughnuts by Pinkbox Doughnuts in Las Vegas