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Can I save my doughnuts for tomorrow?
All doughnuts should be ordered on the day they will be enjoyed. As we’d love you to enjoy your doughnuts at their peak freshness, it’s not recommended to keep overnight. All doughnuts with mixed or specialty toppings should be eaten within a few hours from pick-up to ensure freshness of toppings (this especially applies to all cereal toppings and fruit).
When should I make my order?

The earlier the better! Dates can get booked up quickly and we cannot guarantee that every order submitted can be fulfilled. To better serve you, we recommend at least a week in advance to make sure we get your order processed and ready to go!

Do you make Gluten Free doughnuts?

Unfortunately, we do not due to our baking facility not equip for that process.

Do you make Vegan doughnuts?

Yes, they are available only at our Tropicana location.


If I have food allergies, can I eat your doughnuts?

All our doughnuts are made on the same equipment and in the same work space. Unfortunately, there is possibility of cross contamination.

How do I special order custom doughnuts?

Pinkbox Doughnuts® can make doughnut cakes, letters, shapes, numbers, printable logos and pictures, and customized designs. Please visit our custom order page and submit all order information, including type of doughnut, quantity, date needed, and attached examples or photos. Please note: A minimum 48 hour lead time is required.

I already submitted my order but have a question or need to make a change.

Please contact us immediately through email at

I would like to cancel my order. Can I be provided a refund?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for ANY custom orders, so plan accordingly! If you cancel your order less than 24-hours in advance from when you receive confirmation from Pinkbox, you will still be charged in full. Sorry, no refunds for no shows or same day cancellations.

Do you ship your doughnuts?

Unfortunately, we do not ship any of our doughnuts to ensure the freshness of eating same day.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, in our online shop and at our locations!

How many locations do you have?

Pinkbox Doughnuts® currently has three open locations in Las Vegas, NV and one set to open in Berkley, CA. Several more in the planning stages…

Do you franchise?

Not currently.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately, in order to keep our donuts as fresh as possible for our customers, we do not ship our doughnuts. We do, however, partner with Postmates for local same day deliveries.

Are all your doughnuts always available in store for pick-up?

We make the majority of our doughnut flavors daily, but we cannot guarantee they will be available due to our first come first serve policy.