Pinkbox Doughnuts Brings a New Spin to Sweets in Downtown St. George

The long-awaited opening of Pink Box Doughnuts caused a stir in downtown St. George on Saturday, attracting hundreds of customers.

The Las Vegas-based company opened its St. George location as the first move in what is planned to be a large-scale expansion of the franchise, said Jessica Anderson, Pink Box’s vice president of marketing.

Featuring activities like a doughnut eating contest, face painting and giveaways, the event felt more like a festival than a restaurant opening. A DJ was hired and the line of customers stretched around the building, with some saying they were willing to wait in line for hours on end.

“As we have grown up the brand, we get asked almost every single day by people across the United States when we’re going to be opening up in their state when we’re going to be opening up in a new city,” Anderson said. “And for St. George particularly, we had probably the most overwhelming asks.”

Pink Box Donuts is unique as a donut shop, carrying 70 flavors with unique options like a smores-flavored doughnut and several vegan varieties.

The franchise is hoping to expand to 20 locations throughout Utah over the next several years, with more in Las Vegas as well, Anderson said.

“We have fans literally around the world,” she said. “And we pretty much have any concept that you can think of … we have a Pop-Tart doughnut, we have a cannoli doughnut, we have a poo doughnut. We try to come up with the most creative concepts.”

Get the best donuts in St. George! Pinkbox Doughnuts is now open in St. George Utah