Gameday Grub: What to eat at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium and T-Mobile Arena

We’ve all been there, sitting in our seat inside an arena or stadium, starting to feel hungry. And usually, we head for whatever food is closest and will satisfy that hunger as quickly—and hopefully cheaply—as possible.

But luckily, at Southern Nevada’s two largest venues for sporting events and concerts, you don’t have to settle for what happens to be nearby. The dining options at Allegiant Stadium and T-Mobile Arena are deep and diverse, to the point where, alongside the action on the field, ice or stage, food plays a significant role in making a trip to those venues memorable.

So go forth and explore, not just the stalls and stands near your seat but far from it. The farther the walk back, the more you can order and work off returning, right? (Prices subject to change.).

Pinkbox Doughnuts

One of the city’s favorite and fastest-growing doughnut shops is furthering its community connections by becoming the official doughnut partner of the Vegas Golden Knights and the Las Vegas Raiders. The stadium site is in Section 128, and while it couldn’t possibly offer all the flavors at your neighborhood shop, you can wash down your doughnut with a frosty Modelo here. $8.

an image of Las Vegas Raiders doughnuts by Pinkbox Doughnuts