Pinkbox Doughnuts Introduces Father’s Day Lineup

Las Vegas-based Pinkbox Doughnuts is offering special lineup of doughnuts to celebrate dads for the upcoming Father’s Day holiday on Sunday, June 16. The selection includes:

  • #1 Dad: White frosted raised ring topped with sprinkles and #1 dad décor
  • Business Dad: Blue frosted raised bar filled with cookies n cream buttercream and topped with black and yellow tie décor
  • The Mustache: Maple frosted raised bar filled with white whip and topped with chocolate mustache décor
  • Super Dad: Blue frosted raised shell filled with chocolate whip and topped with Super Dad décor
  • It’s Ya Birthday: White frosted raised shell filled with birthday cake whip and topped with blonde Oreo and Father’s Day sprinkles
  • Golf Dad: Green frosted raised shell filled with white whip and topped with a flag, graham cracker crumble, and a white frosting golf ball
  • World’s Best Dad: White frosted raised shell topped with “Best Dad” décor
  • Rocky Road Face: Chocolate frosted croissant doughnut topped with marshmallow whip, peanuts, chocolate chips, and drizzled with peanut butter and chocolate
  • Gentlemen Pooh: Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream, chocolate icing, candy décor, a frosting bow tie and Father’s Day décor
  • Vegan Dad: Chocolate frosted raised vegan shell filled with chocolate vegan whip and topped with “♥ U Pops” décor
  • Dad’s Pee Weez: Glazed vanilla cake Pee Weez® with Father’s Day sprinkles

The Father’s Day doughnuts will be available in Pinkbox Doughnuts shops Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16, (available at Siegel’s Bagelmania and the Pinkbox Doughnuts store in Primm, Nev. on Sunday, June 16 only). They are also available for preorder online.

Father's Day Doughnuts