New Donut Shop and Outdoor Seating for Oscar’s Steakhouse

Changes to Plaza’s iconic porte-cochère will keep the historic casino’s environment intact. That can’t be said for the addition of PinkBox Donuts just south of the new outdoor bar.

The new entrance to the popular donut shop will feature a 3D doughnut with sprinkles. The new opening will lead to a 16-foot-long glass doughnut display case that will offer more than 70 flavors of donuts.

Oscar’s Steakhouse sits above the dome that will house the new Carousel Bar. The steakhouse will receive a new outdoor patio with seating for more than 200 guests.

These changes at the Plaza are all connected in some way. The new patio at Oscar’s will be on the roof of the new Brian Christopher Slots area.

Pinkbox Doughnuts coming to the Plaza Hotel in downtown Las Vegas