Pinkbox is Selling Big Game Doughnuts for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and Pinkbox Doughnuts is serving up some special Big Game doughnuts just for the occasion.

Available for pre-sale from February 2nd until February 8th, and then available in stores from February 8th through 11th, the Big Game doughnuts are the perfect addition to any Super Bowl party. The new Pinkbox lineup consists of five exclusive football-themed photos including a green-frosted raised bar ’50 Yard Line’ doughnut, a maple-frosted raised ‘Game Ball’ doughnut, a vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream ‘Chiefs Pooh’ doughnut, a chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream ’49ers Pooh’ doughnut, and a ‘#1 Fan’ glazed raised doughnut in the shape of a big foam #1 finger.

All five of the sweet football-themed Game Day doughnuts are available from all Pinkbox Doughnut shops.

Trend Themes

1. Football-themed Doughnuts – Pinkbox creates a lineup of exclusive football-themed doughnuts for the Super Bowl, including a green-frosted ’50 Yard Line’ doughnut and a maple-frosted ‘Game Ball’ doughnut.

2. Pre-sale Availability – Pinkbox offers pre-sale availability for the Big Game doughnuts from February 2nd until February 8th, allowing customers to secure their Super Bowl treats in advance.

3. Limited-time Promotion – Pinkbox sells the Super Bowl-themed doughnuts in stores from February 8th through 11th, providing customers with a limited-time opportunity to indulge in these special treats.

Big Game doughnuts by Pinkbox Doughnuts in Las Vegas