Thanksgiving 2023: Events, Specials and Things to Do in Las Vegas

Pinkbox Doughnuts

The chain is offering a special lineup of Thanksgiving doughnuts that will be in stores from Nov. 13 through Nov. 23. That includes the Maple Harvest, which is a vanilla cake doughnut with maple frosting, the Pumpkin Pie, Gobble Gobble, which is a maple-frosted doughnut with a Nutter Butter cookie and candy corn, and Turkey Pooh, which is decorated like a turkey. Preorders are available online.

In addition to those flavors, the doughnut chain will have other doughnuts that are available all month at all locations. That includes The Mayflower, which is a cinnamon sugar croissant doughnut filled with cranberry filling and topped with torched marshmallow, the Gobble-licious, which is a maple-frosted shell with cranberry filling and topped with cinnamon sugar, white whip, and a cranberry dollop, and the Cranberry Cuties, which is a raised shell with powdered sugar and filled with cranberry filling.

Thanksgiving doughnuts in Las Vegas