What Are The Top 11 ‘Tastiest’ Donuts

Giving you a “Few Things We Think You Should Know” this morning…a recent poll has ranked the “classic donuts,” from best to worst. The donut addicts at Thrillist.com have ranked 24 “classic donuts” from best to worst . . . and spoiler alert:  If you’re a cinnamon bun fan, get ready for a FIGHT. You have to admit that we all have our favorites and sometimes we might be the only one that like this donut or that donut for whatever reason.

Some of the donuts that made the list outside of the Top 11, for example, the Blueberry Cake…which to us is very underrated! On the flipside, the Chocolate Cake donut is another that is way at the bottom of the list for some reason…guessing it’s all based on presentation!

When you think donuts, a lot of times you don’t even think of Las Vegas as having some great places to find that early morning delicacy…but we actually do! Dee’s Donuts on N. Durango is famous for baking the delectable pastries early each morning. Have you ever stopped into Wicked Donuts on W. Lake Mead? Another great place to stop before heading into work to surprise your co-workers. And of course if you’ve been in Las Vegas for any length of time, Ronald’s Donuts on W. Spring Mtn. Road is a classic place for your favorite round cakes!

Of course Pinkbox Donuts has made it’s way to Las Vegas, as well as Randy’s Donuts and The Donut Bar to add to the long list of great places here in Las Vegas!

So whether you like the traditional Powdered Sugar donut, the Boston Cream, or even the Maple Glazed, if you’re reading this, you just want to know which donuts are the best! See Thrillist’s full list of donuts HERE! However, which are the ones that made the Top 11 tasty according to the recent poll? Scroll down and go through the list yourself and whether you agree or not, it is what it is and feel free to let us know where your favorite donut placed on the list…enjoy!